The Best (cheesy) Christmas Movies on Netflix

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Best Christmas Movies on Netflix

The Best (cheesy) Christmas Movies on Netflix 🎅

If you are new around here, you might not know about my love for cheesy Christmas movies. Where does this stem from? I honestly have no idea. I used to make fun of my mother for filling her nights with the Hallmark Christmas queens. And two years later, look at me. I have become my mother.

Best Christmas Movies on Netflix

If you too enjoy a easy breezy love story surrounding some sort of Christmas theme, I got you covered. I have done some studying and research on this very important subject (Spoiler alert: they always end up with the good guy + happy.).

Here is a run down on some of my favorites:

A Holiday Engagement: A woman gets dumped by her boyfriend and hires a likable guy to come home for the holidays with her to please her mother. This one actually made me laugh. The Mexican restaurant scene is gold. I give the acting a B+ and the story line is not half bad. Beware the ending is one of the longest slow mo scenes I have ever watched. Bonus: Haylie Duff has a supporting role.

The Spirit of Christmas: This one isn’t my favorite. But I give it points for a weird + creative storyline. You don’t see a lot of ghost love interests anymore. If you are into more of the supernatural Christmas plots – this one is for you. The acting is a C at best. The main guy really tries to make you believe he is not from that time and therefore sounds like a robot.

How Sarah Got Her Wings: Another one that actually made me giggle a few times. The quote “All dogs go to heaven” just made me laugh. Instead of a Christmas ghost, we have a Christmas angel who needs to right her wrongs. Bonus: The main man looks + sounds like a hot version of Chris Pratt.

A Christmas Kiss: This one is for when you’ve drank a few glasses of wine and you are just in the mood for something silly. The acting is a C and so over the top. But there are some real gems like a choreographed dance number during a sleep over.

A Christmas Prince: Not to be outdone by Freeform or Hallmark, Netflix had to get in on the action of a cheesy Christmas movie. I do force my hubs to watch these with me (bless his heart) and the words “This one actually didn’t suck” came out of his mouth after we finished this one. The acting is a B+ and the storyline was fun.

Christmas in the Smokies: This is a Hallmark movie classic. Hometown couple are reunited after he (a country music star) comes back home in search for his roots. Bonus: Good looking male lead

Merry Kissmas: This story progresses fast. So hold on to your hats. She realizes that she is engaged to a weirdo pretty fast and kisses someone in an elevator which means they are now in love. Bonus: The girl wears some pretty adorable outfits which I like to mimic.

12 Dates of Christmas: A girl goes on a blind date 12 times in a row. This story is actually pretty cute except you have to watch a similar thing 12 times in a row. It does get a bit annoying on day 8. But it’s worth sticking through it. Bonus: Mark-Paul Gosselaar is the love interested and is still as good looking as he was as Zack in Saved by the Bell.

Back To Christmas: I can’t say if I actually finished this one, but it was good. I enjoyed the main lady actor. She goes back exactly one year to fix what happened to her relationship. The weird part about this movie was the Mom wanting her daughter to go with the rich guy instead of her true love.

Christmas Classics you can find on Netflix:

The Grinch

White Christmas!

Happy Watching! Let me know if there is one you love that I did not include!



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