The 10 Worst Hallmark Movies Of The Decade (According To Rotten Tomatoes)

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The 10 Worst Hallmark Movies Of The Decade (According To Rotten Tomatoes)

The 10 Worst Hallmark Movies Of The Decade (According To Rotten Tomatoes) 🎅

Cheesy Christmas movies might be Hallmark’s bread and butter, but these are just a little too corny.

The Hallmark channel. There’s one thing that no one can disagree with: they make A LOT of movies. That’s not quality movies, not critically acclaimed movies, not even heavily watched movies. Just movies. They make a lot of movies.

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Tons of the Hallmark movies that have been made recently, over the past 10 years, aren’t even rated on Rotten Tomatoes. So for those of you who can’t stand good movies, and want to see the absolute worst that a channel specializing in made-for-TV films has to offer, this has been a labor of love.

10 Return To Nim’s Island: 43%

The best film on our list, Return To Nim’s Island, has a 5/10 on IMDb and 86% on Google. Yet again, these metrics make absolutely no sense. For whatever reason, two children are doing their best to keep people from starting construction on the remote island they live on. It again makes absolutely no sense, so it’s no wonder it isn’t that well-received.

9 A Very Merry Mix-up: 42%

A Very Merry Mix-up came out in 2013. It has a 6.9/10 on IMDb and 92% of viewers liked it according to Google. Let it be said that this film doesn’t seem like A Very Merry Mix-up at all. It sounds like it’s very nearly adultery. When a woman goes to visit her fiance, she ends up going to the wrong house with an entirely different family and becomes attracted to their son. For some reason, it takes a while before she figures out something’s wrong.

8 The Christmas Note: 40%

The Christmas Note is actually based on a novel, so it makes one wonder how faithful the film is to the source material. For the sake of the book based on the score, hopefully not very faithful at all. It has a 6.7/10 on IMDb and 87% on google. A woman moves back to her hometown with her son, who wants his dad back from the military for Christmas. Surprise, he gets his wish!

7 Midnight Masquerade: 38 %

Midnight Masquerade has a 6.1 on IMDb and 88% on Google. At this point, the metrics really make absolutely no sense. This movie makes the assumption that the only way a rich heiress to a large fortune would fall in love with this lowly lawyer who’s spent his whole life being bullied is if they’re both wearing masks when they meet. The two of them meet each other at a masquerade ball, and it’s not as if the lawyer is intended to be unattractive or anything, so there’s really no reason for the masks to make a difference.

6 Stop The Wedding: 35%

If there’s one thing that can be said for Stop The Wedding, it’s that it does seem to break the mold of your traditional cookie-cutter Hallmark film. Aside from that, it’s got a 6.4 on IMDb and 92% thanks to Google. This seems very much like we’re making some headway on being terrible! This one’s about a woman’s niece who discovers that her aunt is getting married to an actor who’s notorious for getting married to woman after woman, only to have the marriage ended in divorce.

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For whatever reason, it’s this actor’s own son who teams up with the niece to put a stop to the marriage. How incredibly likely that this son would be willing to join forces with a stranger to sabotage his father’s wedding!

5 The Hunters: 33%

Surprisingly, even while The Hunters is one of the higher-rated on this list, its IMDb score has dropped to a middling 5/10. This is kind of a weird one for Hallmark though. It seems that it’s a sci-fi film with fantasy and action elements. 2 boys discover that they’re actually members of an ancient family line that’s been tasked with collecting and protecting magical artifacts. When their family disappears, they have to embrace their lineage and find them.

4 Coming Home For Christmas: 33%

Coming Home For Christmas is actually getting up there in the ratings. It has a 6.8/10 on IMDb and 91% on Google, which at this point is becoming a pattern that can’t be trusted. This one is about a woman who sees herself becoming the house manager for an expensive estate in the countryside of Virginia. However, these family members couldn’t be more different and as she’s pursued by one brother, Kip, she grows attracted to Robert. Her plan is to maybe find love, and also try to heal the pain the family is in, as they don’t mesh very well.

3 A Christmas Melody: 26%

A Christmas Melody has the possible advantage over most of its closely related films since it’s a musical, and a comedy. It has a 91% thanks to Google, and a 6.1/10 on IMDb. This film is about a single mother who’s having a tough time getting used to her new life after moving back to her hometown during the holiday season. Her daughter isn’t doing much better, so she enlists her music teacher to help her write a great Christmas carol for the holiday variety show. Thankfully for the mother, her music teacher is attractive.

2 The Convenient Groom: 24%

Once again, Google ratings are much kinder to Hallmark films than anywhere else. The Convenient Groom has a whopping 84% there, and a 5.7/10 on IMDb. The movie’s about a celebrity matchmaker who’s getting ready to tie the not in a wedding that’s been advertised heavily for some reason. When her groom-to-be doesn’t show, a contractor working on her wedding offers to step in and marry her instead. A perfect idea! Only in a Hallmark movie would this type of thing end well. He has a secret crush on her, they fall in love, end of the movie.

1 Frozen In Love: 20%

Frozen In Love seems to be well-liked almost everywhere other than Rotten Tomatoes. It has 93% according to Google and a 6.7/10 on IMDb. These aren’t good scores by any means, but they’re definitely better than a lot of scores for other Hallmark movies. The plot consists of something we’ve seen tons of times in a slightly modified formula. A rebel hockey player and the owner of a failing bookstore fall in love thanks to the dire straits they both find themselves in. Desperation is always a good formula for a lasting romance, right? Something about their struggles in life brings them closer together.

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