Perth Christmas Day weather forecast predicts it to be Australia’s hottest city as the heat returns

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Perth Christmas Day weather forecast predicts it to be Australia's hottest city as the heat returns

Perth Christmas Day weather forecast predicts it to be Australia’s hottest city as the heat returns ๐ŸŽ…

Perth is set to be Australia’s warmest capital city on Christmas Day, with a forecast top of 36 degrees Celsius.

The forecast may change between now and then, but if the early predictions hold it will be Perth’s hottest Christmas since 2012, when the temperature reached 39.6C.

The minimum temperature will only dip to 19C, pointing to a warm night for Christmas Eve.

Much of Australia is sizzling in an intense heatwave which has seen the country post its hottest day on record, but conditions outside of central Australia should ease next week.


A warm Christmas around the country

This is what the other capital cities can expect on Christmas Day:

  • Sydney: A possible shower, 27C
  • Canberra: Partly cloudy, 33C
  • Melbourne: Partly cloudy 28C
  • Hobart: Partly cloudy, 23C
  • Adelaide: Sunny, 32C
  • Brisbane: A possible shower, 33C
  • Darwin: A shower or two and possible storm, 35C

A December for the history books

Perth is already on track to record its hottest December on record, and by a significant margin.

A wide shot showing a crowded Cottesloe Beach in Perth and the Indiana Tearooms.
Perth locals struggled to stay cool over the past week as temperatures surpassed 40C for three days straight.(ABC News: Hugh Sando)

The city’s mean maximum currently sits at about 36C, which is 7C above its December average of 29.1C.

Cooler days are forecast this week, with Thursday and Friday set to drop to the mid-20s as a cold front passes the south, followed by a mild lead-up to Christmas.

But that will not drag down the average far enough to stop the current record of 31.7C, recorded in December 1931, falling.

Just three days into this month, Perth was already breaking records, posting its earliest 40C day in December.

A heatwave then pushed the mercury above 40C over three consecutive days โ€” a first for December.

Perth had previously only ever recorded two 40C days in December, either consecutively or in total.


A warm Christmas around the state

In Western Australia, those hitting the road for Christmas will enjoy warm conditions in the north and along the west coast, but will stay relatively mild along the south coast.

  • Albany: 11โ€“23
  • Broome: 27โ€“37
  • Bunbury: 15โ€“35
  • Esperance: 12โ€“27
  • Geraldton: 17โ€“37
  • Kalgoorlie: 19โ€“37
  • Port Hedland: 25โ€“40

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