Gift Wrapping Ideas – 25 Adorable Christmas Gift-Wrapping Ideas That are Extra-Festive

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Gift Wrapping Ideas - 25 Adorable Christmas Gift-Wrapping Ideas That are Extra-Festive

Gift Wrapping Ideas – 25 Adorable Christmas Gift-Wrapping Ideas That are Extra-Festive 🎄

Now that you’ve gotten through most of your holiday shopping, it’s time to focus on wrapping them. After all, nothing says Christmas quite like a slew of beautifully wrapped gifts waiting under neath your lit Christmas tree.

From fresh evergreen accents to hand-drawn wrapping paper designs, there are tons of ways to take your gift wrapping game to the next level. And while your recipient knows it’s the thoughtfulness of the gift that counts the most, when it comes all dressed up in an especially beautiful package, it looks and feels just that much more special—in addition to being totally Instagram-worthy as a result.

To find the best Christmas gift-wrapping look that are on-trend for millennials, we tapped our favorite Instagram crafters and decor influencers inspiration. Here are 25 of the best millennial gift-wrapping ideas from Instagrammers.

1. Attach handmade crepe paper poinsettias

For a custom touch, make crepe paper poinsettias to add to each wrapped gift, like @liagriffith did. Download the template from her blog.

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2. Use seasonal gift wrap tape.

By using patterned Scotch gift wrap tape, pompom fringe and some winter foliage, @aww.sam transformed her wrapped presents into mini versions of a winter wonderland. 

3. Add some candy canes.

Tape a duo of candy canes to the top of your wrapped gift, like @smileandwave did in this shoot for @abeautifulmess, to add some low-cost charm to your gifts this year.

4. Make use of leftover packing paper. 

The folks at @theeverco suggest keeping the gorgeous brown paper Anthropologie uses to wrap your item with, since it makes a great—and trendy—wrapping-paper alternative, like this pretty gift wrap idea from @amandarydell.

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5. DIY your own gift card box.

Make a gift card feel extra special by gifting it in a beautiful wrapping paper-covered wood box that you decorate yourself. Find the full how-to on the @prettylifegirls’ blog.

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6. Dress your gifts up as gingerbread women.

This idea from @creativeheartstudio couldn’t be cuter—or more simple to execute! Make brown parchment paper-wrapped presents come to life by adding adorable details that make them look just like mini gingerbread women.

7. Stamp your own wrapping paper design.

It’s easy to DIY your own Christmas wrapping paper using stamps and paint. Just check out this video from @forestculturedesign to see what we mean!

8. Personalize each present with a paper monogram.

Forgo a traditional gift tag and instead make over-sized paper monograms to tape onto the top of each present. Use assorted fonts and sizes, like @ohhappyday did, for added flair.

9. Top it off with a felt bow.

Adding a bow on top of a perfectly wrapped gift is like the cherry on top. But it’s even sweeter when you DIY your own bows out of felt, like @handmadecharlotte did. Get the template and how-to on her blog.

10. Decorate with sprigs of evergreen.

Instantly elevate your Christmas present wrapping game by using red and white twine to tie small springs of evergreen onto the top of each gift, like @beingbritany did.

11. Use gift boxes to get your wrapping done faster.

Colorful gift boxes, like this one @damasklove is using, make wrapping your gifts go a whole lot faster than if you’d used traditional gift wrap and tape. All you need to do is line your box with tissue paper, pop on the lid and tie on a bow.

12. Use metallic wrapping paper.

Make your gift stand out from the crowd by wrapping it in a metallic gold paper, like @thedowntownaly did. Plus, any paper you have leftover can be used for birthday or wedding presents, since it’s not specifically seasonal.

13. Pick a wrapping paper theme when gifting in bulk.

When you’re giving a present that comes in more than one box, use coordinating colors and prints of wrapping paper, like @scscurlock did, to make the separate pieces feel more cohesive.

14. Print your own gift tags.

Complete each of your Christmas gifts with a chic, Scandinavian-inspired printable gift tag, like @tatertotsandjello did. You can print these at home by downloading the template from her blog.

15. Make engraved acrylic gift tags that double as ornaments.

Crafter @giggles_galore made engraved acrylic gift tags shaped like holiday lights using her Cricut Maker. The best part? They double as keepsake ornaments for your friends and family to use next year.

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16. Use mini chalkboards for gift tags.

Mini chalkboard gift tags, like these ones @ellerydesigns used, add a fun and festive touch to your holiday gift wrapping look. Just make sure you write on them with chalk pens vs. chalk sticks to avoid the names from smudging.

17. Make your own calligraphy Christmas wrapping paper.

By writing her own message directly onto brown kraft paper, @boxwoodavenue was able to make her own stunning calligraphy Christmas wrapping paper on a seriously low budget—and you can, too!

18. Turn your kids’ art into sentimental gift tags.

This cool momma, @gummergal, cuts her children’s scribbles and artwork into gift tags for family members’ presents to add a sentimental touch. 

19. Don’t forget to accessorize. 

Adding a few fun accents, like @fearfullymadecreations did, will give your wrapped presents an extra hint of holiday cheer. Tying on a jingle bell is an especially fun idea!

20. Add your own doodles.

Dress up some plain wrapping paper by adding your own doodles and drawings to the outside, like @feistandflourish did. She added a few hand-drawn details to her DIY kraft tags, too.

21. Keep it simple.

Opting for all white wrapping paper, like @tracystrutherslifestyle did, can create an elegant finished look—especially when wrapped with white twine and sprigs of evergreen are woven in.

22. Use compostable wrapping paper.

For an eco-friendly way to wrap your presents, consider this stylish compostable wrapping paper idea from @allminebydesign, which uses leftover newspaper in lieu of wrapping paper. Be sure to accent with compostable elements, too, like these pretty dried fruit slices. 

23. Decorate your gifts with a fun add-on mini present.

Tying a miniature seasonally-shaped cookie cutter onto your gift using twine, like @stylizimoblog did, is an easy way to accent your holiday gift wrapping, while giving your recipient a little something extra, too!

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24. Make a mini wreath for each present.

As these pretty presents from prove, shaping a dainty miniature wreath out of evergreen leaves for each gift gives it that extra special touch that will have your recipients in awe. 

25. Finish it off with a red wax seal.

For a totally classy touch this year, finish off each of your wrapped gifts with a red wax stamped seal, like @_daniellewhite_ did. The bold hue will add a festive touch, while the embossed seal will make your gifts look especially well-wrapped.

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