Christmas Gift Ideas For Your Coworkers

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Christmas Gift Ideas For Your Coworkers

Christmas Gift Ideas For Your Coworkers 🎄

Christmas is almost here! As we’re all spreading our Christmas joy around the office (with the exception of the occasional Scrooge or office Grinch), it’s also time to start planning for the office holiday party! While it’s easy to get caught up with the organizing and planning, assigning committees or coworkers, or taking on your own role in the decorating and the food, don’t forget to buy the perfect gift for the gift exchange or secret Santa. If you did wait until the last minute to find a gift and now not only are you out of time, but you can’t think of a single idea, I’m here to help you out and make this holiday season just a little bit easier for you.

Some of the best Christmas gift ideas are the funniest ones that can manage a good laugh out of everyone witnessing the unwrapping. However, what makes these hilarious ideas even better is if they are strangely useful or convenient to have in your office cubicle as well. Here are a few suggestions:

Temperature Controls

And by temperature controls, I mean either a blanket or a desk fan. We all understand the struggle of office settings that attempt to counteract the temperature outside. For example, as soon as it drops below forty degrees outside, the heat inside gets turned up a few notches and all of a sudden you’re boiling at your desk. This is where the desk fan comes in. You would understand where the blanket might be necessary for a different situation.


I don’t mean a nameplate with your coworker’s name on it either. Instead, replace their name with a name from a TV show or movie, maybe there’s an inside joke between the two of you where another name might be appropriate. Or, a simple word such as, “nope,” would definitely be fitting as well.

A Calendar…

But not just any calendar. Find one that is creative, unique, and hilariously entertaining. For example, this “passive-aggressive notes” calendar could make a great addition to someone’s cubicle.

There are plenty of cute, creative, funny, and still very useful office cubicle accessories and supplies that would make a great gift for one of your coworkers.

Maybe you prefer to buy a thoughtful, caring, and very useful gift for your coworker(s) instead. If you would rather give a more practical and less laughable office gift, here are a few other ideas for you:

Mason Jar Garden

There are many benefits of including plants in your workplace. So, why not bring out your creative side and gift your coworker with this adorable yet beneficial mason jar garden to liven up their cubicle.


Let’s be honest, we would all appreciate some more coffee, making this a gift idea that can never go wrong. Gift your coworker with a delicious bag of coffee ready to be scooped into the coffee pot or a combination of their favorite (or your favorite) Keurig k-cups. You could also add sugar and creamer to the gift if that’s how they prefer their coffee and you’re feeling generous and in the holiday spirit.

Coffee Mug

What better addition to the coffee than a coffee mug? Create a DIY mug if you’re feeling creative, purchase a cute, decorative mug to match your coworker’s personality, or take this gift in another direction and find a hilarious, office-appropriate coffee mug for your coworker instead.

Mouse Pad

A personalized mouse pad is the perfect thoughtful gift. If you’re close with the gift recipient, you could customize the mouse pad with pictures of his/her family members, friends, or even the two of you. Or, use a picture of their “happy place,” or really any image that might make them smile.

Stress Relief Kit

All of us who work from 9-5 in our little office cubicle understand how essential a stress relief kit is to our sanity. This is a gift that any recipient is guaranteed to appreciate. In this kit, include any combination (or all) of the following items:

  • Bath bomb
  • Lotion
  • Eye mask
  • A candle
  • Essential oil diffuser

…or anything else that you think would make a valuable addition to this kit.

Decorative Cork Board

Another personalized gift idea to show someone how much you really care (or value their work). This colorful, custom accessory will make an appreciable addition to their cubicle wall.

Business Card Holder

A business card holder or the carrier will make a useful and practical gift. If you’re having trouble thinking of a gift idea for your secret Santa whom you may not be the closest with, you can’t go wrong with this handy solution.

Cubicle Decor

We could all use some extra cubicle decor to help brighten up our dull, dreary office cubicles during this bright, magical season and every day after that. Your coworker is sure to appreciate any creative, bright, and fun cubicle accessories to aid in making their cubicle a little less boring.

Hopefully, by now you have the perfect gift idea for your coworker(s)! Comment which gift you would definitely appreciate receiving from your coworker at this year’s office holiday gift exchange. Merry Christmas!

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