2020 Hallmark/Lifetime/Ion Christmas Movies – IMDb

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2017 Hallmark/Lifetime/Ion Christmas Movies - IMDb

2020 Hallmark/Lifetime/Ion Christmas Movies – IMDb πŸŽ…

90 min

Comedy, Drama, Romance

At an ad agency, Melanie who loves Christmas, and Donovan who doesn’t, are paired to make a Christmas ad for a cell phone. They also get to be each others secret Santa at the office and learn more about each other. Will it go beyond that?

Marita Grabiak
Emilie Ullerup,
Aaron O’Connell,
Rebecca Davis,
Lindsay Winch


The set-up to this one is okay. At a competitive ad agency, a Christmas loving woman gets her Christmas hating rival in secret Santa. The problem was that there weren’t any good moments. No good Christmas scenes. No small things that elevate a Hallmark Christmas movie.

The lead, Emilie Ellerup, was a generic blonde straight out of central casting. She didn’t have a ton of personality outside of loving Christmas. Aaron O’Connell, as the Christmas hating love interest, has at least done a few of these movies before, so he brought the right tone. This was just an average movie with an average cast, and ends up being pretty average.

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