19 Best Cousin Quotes – Funny Quotes About Cousins and Family

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19 Best Cousin Quotes - Funny Quotes About Cousins and Family

19 Best Cousin Quotes – Funny Quotes About Cousins and Family 🎄

If you’re lucky enough to have a cousin or two, you know how precious they can be in your life. For those with and without siblings, they can act as a sort of surrogate sibling—either as an older mentor you look up to, a peer you relate to, or a younger sibling that you get to dote on. The best part about these semi-siblings is that you get to make memories with them over special holidays and vacations, but don’t have to, you know, share your toys with them day-to-day.

Some siblings are even closer to their cousins than their siblings. If that’s you, check out these quotes about the bond between sisters. Replace “sister” with “cousin” and they nearly all apply! After all, as one wise thinker said, “God made us cousins because He knew our mothers could not handle us as siblings.”

The power of cousins even reaches to Hollywood where several pairs of famous cousins prove the power of the unique bond. You might know about famous cousin duo Jenny McCarthy and Melissa McCarthy, but did you know that rockstar Lenny Kravotz and Today weatherman Al Roker are actually second cousins? What about Snoop Dogg, the rapper and record producer who is first cousins with actress and performer Brandy? Ellen DeGeneres and Kate Middleton are distant 15th cousins, but you know Ellen used that to try and get an invite to the royal wedding. These celebrity duos go to show how much we can have in common with our cousins.

Enjoy these quotes and share ’em with your built-in best friends for life! Read our roundup of family quotes for even more inspiration.

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