11 Baby’s First Christmas Gifts That Will Actually Get Used

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11 Baby’s First Christmas Gifts That Will Actually Get Used 🎄

Babies are so fickle.

One day they love their stuffed bunny rabbit to death and the next day they chuck it out the window while you’re driving 70 mph on the freeway. This split personality is exactly what makes it difficult to know what gift they’ll actually enjoy.

And if you don’t have experience with babies? Well, you’re playing a losing hand.

But I’ve gathered 11 of my favorite baby’s first Christmas gifts that kids actually enjoy using.

In fact, one of the gifts on my list ranks as the number one gift my kids have ever received. As in, I bought it for my first son 5 years ago, he loved it and played with it all the time and now my second son plays with it. Sometimes with his older brother. It’s sitting in the corner of the room right at this moment.

And now I’ll officially name it the toy of the year.

That’s how good these toys are. So, relax, and read below for all the details on these Christmas gifts for baby.

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Fun & Practical Baby’s First Christmas Gift Ideas

Baby's First Christmas Gifts | Baby Activity Gym

Activity Gym

Activity gyms are a great way to entertain even the youngest of babies and they’re also great for older babies who need some tummy time. This one is a favorite of mine because it’s not an eyesore in your living room, it’s made of sturdy wood and it doesn’t have any obnoxious sounds.

Baby's First Christmas Gift Ideas | Baby Book | Gifts For Babies

Indestructible Books

These books are pure genius! I went through so many books with my boys because they tore paper books and ate board books (seriously, it looked like we had a dog). These books are tear-proof, chew-proof and non-toxic. They’re basically the perfect books for babies.

Baby's First Christmas Gift Ideas | Sophie the Giraffe | Safe teething toy

Sophie The Giraffe

I’ve talked about Sophie before in this post about the best baby shower gift ideas and in this natural baby gift guide because she is one of the best teethers on the market. She’s made of 100% natural rubber, food paint, and individually hand painted. Plus, my teething monster loved chewing on her ears!

Baby's First Christmas Gift Ideas | Baby Gifts | Toddler Gift

My Pal Scout (Or Violet)

This learning stuffed animal has been a favorite of both of my kids because of its features. Scout sings songs, talks and plays music that is customizable to your child. You can put in things like your kid’s name, their favorite colors, foods and more and Scout will include it in his songs. I bought one of these for each of my kids when they were babies and my boys were still interested in them until they were about 3 years old.

Baby's First Christmas Gift Ideas | Baby Toys | Wooden Stacking Toy


Stacking Toys

Wooden stacking toys are a great toy for babies because they can really grow with them. When they are very young they can admire the colors and practice gross motor skills. But as they get older, they’ll be able to learn to stack and put them in the correct order. I love this rainbow stacking toy because it’s handmade in the US, uses non-toxic, water-based paint and is sealed using vegan wood polish.

Baby's First Christmas Gift Ideas | Baby Toys Ideas | Toddler Toys | Wooden Toys

Activity Cube

I cannot say enough good things about this toy! This activity cube is the one I alluded to at the beginning that my kids just LOVE! It has so many different activities on it, that appeal to a wide age range of kids that you will certainly get your money’s worth out of this toy. If you only get one toy this year for your baby or toddler, make it this one; you won’t regret it!

Baby's First Christmas Gift Ideas | Rocking Horse Fox | Kids Gift Idea

Ride On Rocking Fox

This gift is best for the “older” baby; the ones whose birthday is around January, although it can also double as cute nursery decor. I love that this rocking fox is plush and different from the standard horse.

Baby's First Christmas Gift Ideas | Baby Books | Baby Gift Ideas

Interactive Baby Books

I wish I would have had these interactive baby books when my boys were younger. The one pictured above are all about cat tails, but there are 10 other animal tail books you can choose from. These books are bright and fun for babies to learn. Double thumbs up.

Baby's First Christmas Gift Ideas | Teething Toys | Wooden Teether

Wooden Teething Toys

I loved the wooden teethers I had for my babies. This one is adorable, simple and of course, safe for babies. It’s maple wood and polished with flaxseed oil. This is one of my go-tos for new baby gifts.

Baby's First Christmas Gift Ideas | Bumbo | Developmental Baby productsBumbo

The Bumbo is a great product for babies who are learning to sit up on their own. I think of this gift more for mom (since it helps keep baby occupied for a bit), but babies also love being able to be in a new position and check out everything around them. My only cautions with the Bumbo are to be sure you don’t use it too much and be aware if you have chubby-legged babies that they may not be able to use it for very long (I know this from personal experience).

Baby's First Christmas Gift Ideas | Baby Gifts | Baby Activity Gym

(Another) Activity Gym

Yes, there are two activity gyms on this list. But I couldn’t decide which one I prefer. This baby gym is more traditional looking, but I love that it plays on the teepee trend. You can use the teepee sticks to display overhead objects for when your baby is on his back or you can take them down and simply use the floor mat. Plus, look how cute those little woodland creatures are!

These all earn my vote for best baby’s first Christmas gifts. Let me know in the comments below if there are any toys your baby loved that I missed. 

Baby's First Christmas Gift Ideas | Baby Gift Ideas | Baby Toys

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