100+ Unique Jack and Sally Tattoos (The Nightmare Before Christmas)

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100+ Unique Jack and Sally Tattoos (The Nightmare Before Christmas)

100+ Unique Jack and Sally Tattoos (The Nightmare Before Christmas) 🎄

Do you believe in True love? Do you believe in love at first sight? Then you will love Jack and Sally Tattoos.

Jack and Sally are the two famous characters from Tim Buton’s stop-motion animated, musical, fantasy movie called “The Nightmare Before Christmas.” The film was released in 1993. Jack and Sally won the heart of many with their love story immediately. It is one of the cutest love stories of our time. Regardless of the fact that the movie was released in the 90s, twenty-seven years later, people are still getting Jack and Sally tattoos, and their popularity is higher than ever before.

You might have noticed that when the Halloween and Christmas season comes, “The Nightmare Before Christmas” becomes very popular on social media. It’s actually because of the theme of the movie and its wintry characters. And of course, Jack and Sally.

The Plot

One of the main characters of the movie, Jack Skellington, is a Skeleton, also known as the pumpkin king who lived in Halloween town. He was bored with the same frightful Halloween celebrations every year. One day he accidentally found the holiday portals and ended up in Christmas town. He loved the Christmas celebrations in Christmas town so much that he wanted to “improve it” by managing it by himself and his people from the Halloween town. Sally had a premonition that Jack’s plans for Christmas will be a disaster. But she still supported Jack even when she disagreed with him. Jack and Sally proved to be one of the perfect couples and gives the ultimate couple’s goal to people who are in love.

If you know them well, then you will understand why they are such a perfect couple, and their relationship is every couple’s dream.

Jack & Sally

Jack is very much a gentleman. He is graceful and patient in equal measures. Jack is usually calm and can always be counted upon to do what is in everyone’s best interest. Jack is logical but a dreamer too. He is a child at heart and enjoys frightening others, but he would never go as far as to harm anyone. When Jack gets angry, he can not contain his frustrations. Jack is incredibly curious and loves to explore, discover, and experiment.

On the other hand, Sally is sweet and caring. She has demonstrated it many times, how much she cares for Jack but wasn’t afraid to voice her concerns to him. She is very forgiving and holds no grudge against Jack for not listening to her. Sally is also strong-willed.

They are total opposites, but they balanced each other out nicely. It is essential to have both qualities in partners for any relationship to work.

Do you think that you can relate your relationship with Jack and Sally’s? Then why not get a tattoo to show that? Jack and Sally’s love story had stood the test of time. Our collection of Jack and Sally’s tattoos prove how true that is. Make your love story timeless with Jack and Sally Tattoos.

Jack and Sally Tattoos

You can place Jack and Sally tattoo anywhere that you like. However, depending on the design and size of the tattoo there are particular places where a tattoo looks more appealing than others. The most popular placements for Jack and Sally Tattoos are:

  • Arm
  • Forearm
  • Back
  • Rib
  • Thigh
  • Calf

Jack and Sally Tattoos on Arm

Jack & Sally Tattoo on Back

Shoulder blades are great locations for Jack and Sally tattoos. It gives the tattoo plenty of canvas room to add details.

Jack and Sally Tattoo Calf

Jack and Sally Tattoos on Forearm

Matching Jack and Sally Tattoos

Jack and Sally Tattoos on Rib

Jack and Sally Heart Tattoo

Jack and Sally Tattoos on Thigh

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