10 Popular Filming Locations For Hallmark Movies

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10 Popular Filming Locations For Hallmark Movies

10 Popular Filming Locations For Hallmark Movies ūüéÖ

Unlike other made-for-TV movies, Hallmark does a fantastic job of making every city or hometown seem idyllic and quaint. The locations used are much more than an address, the network brings the town to life with different seasonal aspects to transport the viewer into the story itself. And although these Hallmark movies are staged all over the world, the network has a few staple locations that they love working in.

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According to¬†Refinery29, Hallmark chooses certain locations that will be the cheapest for them and that will give them “tax incentives.” Although Lacey Chabert and Candace Cameron Bure may claim they’re in Pennsylvania or Tennessee, they could actually be in Canada or Vermont. To check out 10 popular filming locations that Hallmark uses, scroll below!

10 All Over Vermont

The state of Vermont seems like the perfect location for fall and winter Hallmark movies. With loads of outdoor space, ¬†hiking trails, and cozy towns, Vermont has the perfect backdrop for any scene Hallmark could ever need. Movies like¬†Moonlight & Mistletoe¬†were filmed in towns like Chester and Bellow Falls. Funny enough, sometimes Hallmark movies will claim they’re based in Vermont but will actually be filmed in different parts of Canada.

9 Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Canada has ten provinces and three territories throughout the country and Hallmark takes advantage of many of them. Based in British Columbia, Hallmark loves shooting movies and scenes in Vancouver.

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According to¬†Tourism Vancouver, the city has been Hallmark’s background for 60 films every single year. Movies like¬†Hope at Christmas, Christmas Joy,¬†and¬†Road to Christmas have all been filmed throughout Vancouver’s many magical locations.

8 Atlanta, Georgia

Hallmark doesn’t just film up north, they also film down south too. Hallmark loves filming in the south when it’s time for fall, summer, and spring-themed movies. The state of Georgia has been a popular location for Hallmark over the years, filming in Atlanta,¬†Dahlonega, and¬†Tybee Island. The Watsons Go to Bimington is a movie that’s based in Binmington, Alabama but was filmed in Atlanta, Georgia. Likewise, Valentine’s Day-themed movie,¬†The Lost Valentine, was also filmed in Atlanta and starred famed actresses, Betty White and Jennifer Love Hewitt.

7 Ontario, Canada

Ontario, Canada is home to gorgeous cities, natural wonders, and is an easy flight from New York for actors living in the Big Apple. It’s a great spot for Hallmark to film certain scenes in. Oodles of movies have been filmed in this Canadian province.

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According to¬†Travel and Design,¬†Fir Crazy¬†was filmed in Toronto and was based around a newly unemployed woman working her family’s Christmas tree lot for the holiday season. Another film, The Christmas Cure, was filmed in the small town of Dundas, which is right outside of Hamilton, Ontario.

6 Different Parts Of North Carolina

Georgia isn’t the only southern state Hallmark loves filming in, North Carolina is another perfect state to film scenes in due to its vast terrain. There’s beaches, mountains, small towns, cities ‚ÄĒ North Carolina has it all. Due to its mild weather, North Carolina is a great state for Hallmarks warmer-months movies.¬†Christmas in Conway is a Hallmark movie with a big cast that was filmed in Wilmington, North Carolina. It included Mandy Moore, Mary Louise Parker, and Andy Garcia.¬†A Way Back Home is another country music favorite filmed in Charlotte, North Carolina.

5 Manitoba, Canada

The province of Manitoba is right between Ontario and¬†Saskatchewan. Along with other Canadian provinces, it’s a great backdrop for many Hallmark movies.¬†A Christmas Connection is a feel-good movie about a dedicated flight attendant named Sydney who looks after a young girl on a flight until she is connected with her father when they land. But when Sydney’s flight gets canceled, she ends up spending the holidays with the small family. As you can imagine, it’s a love story waiting to happen. Candace Cameron Bure’s popular¬†Journey Back to Christmas is another one that was filmed in Winnipeg!

4 Throughout Utah

Utah is another state that has a gorgeous countryside to fulfill any background Hallmark is trying to sell.¬†Switched at Christmas is a great holiday movie about drastically different twin sisters who switch places during the holiday season when they need a change of pace in their respective lives. As always, the sisters learn more about each other’s day to day lives and grow closer. The movie showed a few different locations but it was ultimately filmed in Payson, Utah.¬†Christmas Under Wraps¬†and¬†12 Gifts of Christmas¬†were also filmed in different parts of Utah, including Provo.

3 New York City, New York

Most Hallmark movies have similar plots or storylines. After all, if it’s not broke, don’t fix it. Each movie differs from the other, of course, but it’s a long-running joke that all Hallmark movies start and end in similar ways. For example, there’s typically a big city and a small town involved in the same movie. Whether it’s a small-town girl making it big in the city or a city-slicker who has to rough it in a small town ‚Äď it’s all gold. As you can imagine, New York City is a hot spot when it comes to filming.¬†Christmas at the Plaza¬†is a movie that could only be filmed in the Big Apple. After all, it’s called¬†Christmas at the Plaza!

2 Around Colorado’s Mountains

Colorado is the perfect place for a Hallmark movie revolving around winter sports, windy roads, or log cabins.¬†Winter in Vail is one of those Hallmark movies that was actually filmed in Vail and showed off just how gorgeous Colorado can be in the winter. Starring Lacey Chabert and Tyler Hynes, two people come together to bring back an old festivity to the small town of Vail. Hallmark’s¬†When Calls the Heart¬†is also filmed in Colorado.

1 Across The Pond!

As amazing as the small towns in Canada and the US are, some Hallmark movies are shown in Europe. Whether it’s a competition, a job, or a royalty match in heaven, some scenes can only be filmed in Europe.¬†Christmas At The Palace¬†takes place in the fake country of¬† San Senova, but it was actually filmed in Romania.¬†Love, Romance, & Chocolate is another European-based film that took place in Belgium! With cobblestoned streets and picturesque towns, Hallmark scouts know exactly what each movie needs to draw in viewers.

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