10 Christmas movies that weren’t supposed to be creepy

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creepy christmas movies

10 Christmas movies that weren’t supposed to be creepy

creepy christmas movies
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The holidays are filled with laughter and joy, which is usually the case in most of the popular Christmas movies people like watching this time of year.

However, despite the holiday cheer, a few classic seasonal films are filled with creepy characters and moments that we just couldn’t help but notice.

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While there are horror movies based on Christmas, we found 10 Christmas movies that are creepy on accident to watch if your favorite holiday really is Halloween, but you don’t want to be a total Scrooge. You can check out the 10 films below.

1. A Christmas Story

This classic Christmas film has quite a few unsettling moments, but the real creepy scene is when Ralphie meets Santa at a department store, and he’s definitely not what he expected him to be. Not only was the guy in the red suit pretty sleazy to begin with, but he nearly scared the Christmas cheer out of Ralphie and then had an elf throw him down the slide. The “Ho Ho Ho” that comes out of his mouth is enough to give us nightmares. 

2. Jack Frost

Not only is the snowman in Jack Frost horrifying, but the plot is pretty dark to begin with. Michael Keaton stars as the main character who dies in a car accident and comes back to life as a snowman, which already sounds like a plot of a horror film. But honestly, the snowman in this film is probably just as scary as Chucky from Child’s Play. 

3. Home Alone

It’s a wonder how Home Alone ever became one of the most popular holiday movies of all time because the film really centers around a kid who is left home alone at Christmas by his parents and has to combat a duo of robbers. The whole storyline is like a kid’s worst nightmare, but somehow it’s a beloved holiday classic. 

4. How The Grinch Stole Christmas

The Grinch himself is definitely meant to be a creepy character, but what no one really ever talks about is how spooky the Whos in Whoville are. They are honestly like a cult made up of people with weird features that make them resemble rats. If your car broke down in Whoville and you saw a bunch of Whos worshipping Christmas and hating anyone who doesn’t celebrate, you would definitely run. 

5. The Nightmare Before Christmas

While the composer of The Nightmare Before Christmas set the record straight that it’s a Halloween movie, it doesn’t mean we don’t love to watch it around Christmas as well. That debate aside, a skeleton dressed up as Santa is enough to make this the scariest kids’ Christmas movie of all time. 

6. The Polar Express

The creepiest part about The Polar Express is the beginning. A random train mysteriously shows up outside of a kid’s house, and he gets invited on by a random conductor, and he just says yes. It sounds like a recipe for something bad to happen, but luckily, because it’s a children’s movie, all ends well. Also, there’s that whole scene where the train derails, and there’s a homeless person carrying around a Scrooge puppet that was pretty spooky, too. 

7. The Year Without A Santa Claus

This stop-motion movie didn’t have too many creepy moments, but the Heat Miser was a pretty scary character to put in a kids’ holiday movie. He was basically a creature from hell—his hair was made up of flames, and he lived in constant heat. It didn’t help that he also had a mischievous attitude, so he was a little bit spooky for the Christmas season. 

8. A Christmas Carol

Everyone’s familiar with the story of A Christmas Carol as it’s considered a classic once December rolls around. While the plot is pretty touching, everyone seems to just gloss over the fact that this film is filled with ghosts. They’re definitely not your typical horror movie ghosts, but these beings are definitely pretty spooky for kids to watch to get them excited about the season. However, for us, we love an excuse to see some supernatural beings any time of the year. 

9. Frosty The Snowman

While this movie is filled with mostly wholesome moments, the scene where Frosty is locked in a greenhouse to melt to death is pretty traumatizing for children. He’s literally tricked into his death, even though we later learn that he will always come back to life. It’s pretty scary to think of something alive just melting to death, so it’s a shocking moment in an animated kids’ movie. 

10. The Santa Clause

Tim Allen’s character literally kills Santa within the first 15 minutes of The Santa Clause. Even though it’s accidental, it’s pretty shocking to see Saint Nick falling to his death from a roof after being so scared, and it’s definitely a lot for a holiday film. 

What is your favorite accidentally creepy Christmas movie? Sound off in the comments below!

What is your favorite accidentally creepy Christmas movie? Sound off in the comments below!

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